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"There's nothing as good for the inside of
a man as the outside of a horse.
                             ~  Theodore Roosevelt
We at Willow Farm Therapeutic Riding Program
believe that's especially true for children with
special needs.

The bond that forms between each horse and rider
fosters increased confidence, patience and
self-esteem.  Children sit taller, focus better, smile
and laugh more.
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Willow Farm Therapeutic Riding
A magical place where dreams come true
Therapeutic horseback riding helps people who are mentally and
physically challenged achieve a quality of life that is improved,
enhanced and enriched.  Based on input from doctors, therapists,
teachers, and parents, the student's individual goals are designed to
complement ongoing therapy and education.  The benefits of horseback
riding are threefold:
1.        Physical - The three-dimensional motion of the horse provides
the rider hip and back actions that simulates natural walking.  Riding
relaxes and strengthens muscles and improves body tone, posture,
balance, joint mobility, and coordination.
2.        Emotional - Contact with horses and horsemanship training
provides a non-competitive setting for learning new abilities,
self-discipline, and improved concentration building self-confidence.
3.        Social - Horseback riding nurtures a positive self-image.  Riders
may, for the first time in their lives, experience some independence and
sense of being part of the team.     
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