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Our program has been generously supported throughout the years and we strive to continue the relationships with those donors. Grants from foundations, service clubs and individual donors are just a few of the ways that we are able to support our program.


We are brainstorming new fundraising ideas at the moment. While we loved our Triple Crown Party we found that unfortunately there are so many other things going on in the community at that time that people were not able to attend. We greatly appreciate the people who were faithful attendees to the party and those who were willing to donate even when they had other obligations.

Our hope is to have a different kind of party and we are looking into the fall. Think colored leaves, hot cider, and maybe even a Halloween type theme!! Stay Tuned!!

We implemented “Willy’s Fund” a couple of years ago at the Derby Party. The donations to this fund are specifically targeted for scholarships. Willy was one of our beloved horses who was donated to the program. This fund was created to honor and remember all of the horses/ponies that have given so much of their hearts while they were involved in our program. While we miss them every day they are still able to give through this fund in their memory.

We are also extremely grateful for the support of the Marquette YMCA.



Get Involved with Equine Assisted Therapy at Willow Farm Therapeutic Riding


This year’s schedule is slightly different from last year. We are taking off part of August because we find that people are just too busy in that month. Please remember that the classes fill first come, first serve. We look forward to seeing you this riding season!

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Get Involved with Equine Assisted Therapy at Willow Farm Therapeutic Riding


Being a volunteer in our program not only makes it possible for our students to ride, but we have heard over and over from our volunteers how much they enjoy their time with the program. Join us to see the great smiles that our riders have while being with ‘their’ horse and let those smiles spread to you.

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Get Involved with Equine Assisted Therapy at Willow Farm Therapeutic Riding

Heroes with Horses

This is a new program for us. We are looking to be another place to give our Veterans and Active Duty members of the military a way to get back into life at home.

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3 comments on “Support/Fundraising

  1. Cindy Hallam

    Good morning, Julie.

    I met Linda Mallon last year while she was volunteering at Marquette General. Such an easy person to talk to, we struck up a conversation and she told me about Willow Farms and the wonderful work you do with children.

    I redesign vintage hats and wonder if you might be interested in having one of my Derby type hats for your silent auction. I have been donating hats to various charitable functions and it brings great joy to see them go to good causes.

    Will you be holding another party this year? I only saw information for 2015.

    Please let me know if you are interested. I will be a designer at the Re Design Fashion Show on Saturday, March 12 at the Marquette Regional History Museum if you would like to see the hats I have so far.

    Enjoy this beautiful, sunshiney day.



    1. Cindy Hallam

      This is tricky to get a message to you . . .

  2. Cindy Hallam

    Love the work you folks do. Hoping I might add a little happy.


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