“There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.” -Winston Churchill

Willow Farm Therapeutic Riding (WFTR) was established in 2000 and is based in Marquette, MI at Willow Farm Boarding Stable. The first year started with a very small pilot group of 10 students from Bay Cliff Health Camp in Big Bay, MI. Since then the program has grown to serve as many as 125 students in a season.


Mission Statement

Willow Farm Therapeutic Riding serves as a center for continual development, implementation and evaluation of a therapeutic riding program for children and young adults between the ages of 4 and 26, all of whom have a physician diagnosed disability. The format of the program is built around PATH International (Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship) guidelines of: (1) Therapy, (2) Education, (3) Sports and (4) Leisure and Recreation, with additional emphasis on developing assets in responsibility, moral judgment, leadership and self-confidence. A collaborative team approach of therapists, physicians, family and equine specialists determine goals and objectives for each student to provide the most appropriate, safe, services possible.

Our Goal

To best serve our population with a safe environment that is beneficial to the riders while they have a great time. We work very hard to have group involvement between parents, student, riding instructor, and therapist. We feel this is the best way to make sure our students are getting the best outcome from their time at the farm. The students are in a social environment while working on their individual needs. We want to offer a relationship with a horse that will hopefully extend past the arena and be helpful in everyday life.

Get Involved with Equine Assisted Therapy at Willow Farm Therapeutic Riding


This year’s schedule is slightly different from last year. We are taking off part of August because we find that people are just too busy in that month. Please remember that the classes fill first come, first serve. We look forward to seeing you this riding season!

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Get Involved with Equine Assisted Therapy at Willow Farm Therapeutic Riding


Being a volunteer in our program not only makes it possible for our students to ride, but we have heard over and over from our volunteers how much they enjoy their time with the program. Join us to see the great smiles that our riders have while being with ‘their’ horse and let those smiles spread to you.

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Get Involved with Equine Assisted Therapy at Willow Farm Therapeutic Riding

Heroes with Horses

This is a new program for us. We are looking to be another place to give our Veterans and Active Duty members of the military a way to get back into life at home.

Learn About Heroes with Horses

15 comments on “Home

  1. connie trottier

    I have a autistic daughter who is 22 , mentally 15, very brilliant but does not have common sense factor that keeps her safe in life, she also has a heart problem , and some bone back issues and nerve damage to her leg due to it. she is in Physical therapy twice a week and her therapist there says horse back riding would be good for her core. I was wondering if she would be able to come visit ,possibly ride eventually, she lacks self confidence and is reserved , never been around horses but is interested and has asked about it previously , I was wondering what the cost is and how often , were from Gladstone so its not a far drive, but with work and her appts. I was wondering what schedule there would be . thank you connie trottier, Suzanna’s mom.

  2. dave locke

    If you you’ll have me I would love to be there again.

  3. Dave locke

    Last time I brought my son Leighton. This time I would bring my 18 year old son Ethan, or my 15 year old son Nash or both.

    1. Regan Koers

      That sounds wonderful! We’d love to have you!

  4. Barb

    I would love to volunteer, unfortunately I myself am recovering from a broken ankle and would not be able to insure the safety of the riders. I will get in touch with you when I get the ok to bear weight.

    1. Regan Koers

      I’m sorry to hear that! Keep an eye on our website and Facebook page for future volunteer orientations and opportunities. Take care!

  5. Kevin Greenwald

    I was just in Marquette a week ago to visit my Son and stayed across the street. I work for a riding facility in Alto, MI (Kent Special Riding Program). I was wondering if when I come back up in the spring, do you give tours? I would love to see what you do and talk a bit.

  6. Nancy Terwilliger

    Do you have any beginner riding classes for adults?

  7. Anne Lyon

    Hello, I have a son who is 23 and has a diagnosis of Aspergers Syndrome. I am originally from Marquette and we visit in the summers for a week, driving from Georgia. Would it be possible to visit your farm when we are there from August 3 to 7? Thank you.


    Are you looking for horses? I have Haflingers I am considering donating.

  9. Marrisa Sicotte

    I am now 26 does that mean I couldn’t be involved?

    1. Annie Higley

      To ride, you can be 26, but not older than that.

  10. Debbie

    Do you have riding lessons for kids? My granddaughter is 6 and is very eager to learn

  11. Michelle Tavernier

    Hi I am interested in therapeutic riding for my son who is 33 ,myself ‘and my friends son 4 years old he’s nonverbal autism and son my son has autism he’s in a group home 🏡 in Harvey and he gets very little exercising and has gained weight and is 340 pounds is that to big to ride a horse 🐎 I’m 240 and my friends son is 4yrs old how much does this cost if they are interested in trying it ❓🐎🐎🐎

  12. Bell

    how old must you be to volunteer


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