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Experienced Instruction

We have always tried to be able to offer our students the best possible time we can while they are on the farm. Our instructors have many years experience with horses and continue their horse education as well as their instruction education every year.

Our Instructors are all certified to some degree either through PATH International, EFMHA and/ or through licensed therapeutic professions. Every class has at least one certified instructor if not more than that involved and they all work together in order to best serve our student population as well as try to make it a good time for everyone involved.

The program works with several area therapists in the areas of speech therapy, physical therapy, and occupational therapy.

Julie Frazier

Julie Frazier - Instructor/ Executive Director

Julie has been in the horse business officially since 1966. In the early 70’s she and a group from the Intermediate School District started a therapeutic riding program at Willow Farm that worked with the local special education program at the time. That program unfortunately was forced to close because of the collapse of the indoor arena under heavy snow. In 2005 she was certified by what was then NARHA, now PATH, at the Registered Instructor Level. She rides and takes instruction on a regular basis.

Anna Higley - Instructor/ Co-program Coordinator

Annie was born into the horse business and has been helping her mother, Julie Frazier, run their boarding facility since 2003. She was certified by NARHA, now PATH, in 2001 at the Advanced Instructor Level. She rides, competes and takes instruction on a regular basis.

Riding Instructors in Arena
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